About Us

John is a freelance digital artist/designer who has worked with startups and small businesses since 2001. At a very early age, he was always fascinated with how things looked. His first memories of wanting to learn how to draw was a trip to the library with his grandmother where he checked out a book on Garfield. In the back of that book was a tutorial on how to draw the cat. Then came a love of comics and comic book drawing.

Unknown to him at the time, design work has always been a calling. As a youth, he designed the t-shirt image for one of the annual family reunions. In high school he designed the logo for the school bank. In college, he drew the logo for one of the the campus ministry organizations, and was asked to design personal images for individuals of the Greek organizations.

Around the year 2000, he began drawing on the computer in Microsoft Excel for fun. Little did he know at the time, two of the early images he was working on became the foundation for images that were later used for the first book covers he designed. He acquired and taught himself how to use Adobe’s InDesign software, and has been using it ever since.

For the past 18 years, at the request of friends and acquaintances, he has designed book covers, company logos, bookmarks, programs, certificates, and business cards. Looking back, he now realizes that he has been doing design work nearly all his life. Ironically, in the KP system of Vedic Astrology, Krishnamurti Ayanamsa, he was born with his moon in the nakshatra called Chitra in 28 degrees 48 minutes of Virgo. Chitra individuals are said to be artists, makers of drawings, designers and those who improve existing designs. Maybe this calling has been there from birth.